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TOM KAULITZ my sexy gott

hi. my name is karla. This blog is dedicated to TOM Kaulitz.. here you will find many photos of TOM AND TOKIO HOTEL. I hope you really like my blog. if you follow me I'll follow you. and thanks for visiting my blog

And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile.

(Fuente: diehundelos)



The sky was grey and the clouds were starting to cry some thing rain drops. You were laying on the sofa, watching some TV when you felt Tom’s arms around you. He hugged you as if he feared loosing you in any moment. His lips softly kissed your cheek and whispered: “Don’t forget about me and all the things we once did.”


9 icons from Run Run Run music video!

Credit - @tokiohotelgang [ twitter ]

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